We believe in social change and social impact.

We want to create something beautiful and sustainable.

We believe in talent, skills and craftmanship of people behind our brand.

And we are committed to keep the value of making a sustainable and social business.

Promoting the value of #PositiveFashion, we’re not only focusing on developing a sustainable business, but we also promoting the concept of #LocalMade through the idea and story about our beloved country, Indonesia. We challenge ourselves to create an impact not only to the customers, but also to our human resources, and to people socially. Every season, we’ve always tell a story about things that happened in Indonesia, to make people aware and to let them know despite all the problems occurred, Indonesia is still our beloved and beautiful country.


We are one of those footwear brands that are no longer use animal leather as our main material, but instead we focus on developing the local fabric, especially #LocalMade tenon from different places of Indonesia. Our goal is to bring back the traditional pattern fabric and create it with modern silhouette. We have been working with several weavers to create a story in the pattern of the fabrications. We source our main materials directly from the weaver and we believe all the beautiful crafted fabric should always be promoted to the generations.


We believe social sustainability is about creating an impact, not only to the business but also to the current issue that occurs in society. Our craftmanship come from the shoemaker in Bandung, Indonesia that we have been working on since we first build our brand. We celebrate the wealth of a talent, skills and the craftmanship with the fair wages and skill training for their future. This is why, every pair of shoes are made with the hand of the workers, from scratch to the finished product.


For us, there’s no such thing better than buying a product we love and at the same time helping the society. We work with the local organizations called Yayasan Langkah Kasih and create #ShoeforSchool project. Every purchase of our product, the 10% of the sales will be donated to the organizations for them to create a pair of shoes for under-privileged children in Indonesia. Because we believe, it’s not only you who deserved better shoes, but also those children who walk for an hour barefoot to school.


A better future, start within from ourselves, from you, from us and from the material we build in.